We run Happily Ever After Rescue and when we came across a photo of this bear on Sunday September 1, we went out the next morning on Labor Day and walked the woods for 6hrs before finding the bear, removing it proved much more difficult than we first anticipated but in the end it all worked out. The bear was first reported June 4th, we freed it Sept 2nd. It survived by drinking and eating from a fist sized hole in the front corner of the tractor trailer airbag (pancake) that was stuck on it's head. It was stuffed full of soaking wet corn after we removed it from the bears head.We love all animals and were just trying to do our part. The game commission stated there was nothing they could do so long as the bear remained mobile. We refused to wait that long. Myself: Dean Hornberger and my soon to be wife Samantha Eigenbrod would like to thank you all for all of the awesome comments, likes and views we received for helping this bear! It means a lot to us.
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